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1325 Rock Quarry Road, Suite 100

Stockbridge, GA 30281


To access our office, please drive to the lower parking lot and enter the main doors.  Our office will be the first door on the right.


Monday        8:30a-1p and 3p-6:30p

Tuesday        8:30a-1p and 3p-6:30p

Wednesday 8:30a-1p and 3p-6:30p

Thursday      8:00a-12pm

Friday            8:30a-1p and 3p-6:30p

Saturday & Sunday  CLOSED



What is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on the relationship between the nervous and musculoskeletal systems, and disorders that result from injury or weakening of these systems.  Its non-invasive techniques emphasize identifying and correcting spinal misalignments as well as manipulation of articular regions of the body, to include joints of the ankles, wrists and the sacroiliac area to name a few.  Many people choose chiropractic care for back pain relief, joint stiffness, and chronic or acute soft tissue injuries from auto accidents, slip and fall, work or sports related.  However, more people are turning to chiropractic for wellness and health maintenance as they see benefits from the drug-free treatments.


The Chiropractic Adjustment


The word "chiro" means "by hand."  It is used in the root name of this profession because the primary form of treatment that chiropractors administer is the chiropractic adjustment, which is performed by hand.  Many adjustments require a patient to lie on their stomach on top of a specially designed chiropractic treatment table.  The doctor will apply gentle yet specific thrusts, or in some cases utilize a handheld device to perform the adjustment.  Most people not only say the adjustment "feels good," but the chiropractic visit has been recognized as the doctor's visit to which people most look forward.  The chiropractic profession has hundreds of different techniques for adjusting patients. While each technique is unique and serves a specific purpose, many chiropractors adopt particular techniques in which they choose to specialize.



Chiropractic Benefits


First, we make the pain disappear.  We do this by taking a hands-on approach in guiding your recovery. Our Stockbridge Chiropractor performs evaluations to help uncover the root cause of your injury and pain.  By offering thorough diagnosis, combined with superior expertise in manual therapy and proven therapeutic treatments, we work to improve the health and quality of life of the patients we serve.  Then we strive for excellence through superior patient satisfaction by educating and training you on necessary changes that will allow you to take proper care of your body on your own. After all, since 2001 our aim is still to educate and motivate you to take a more active and responsible role in restoring and maintaining your own health as well as that of your loved ones. 



Chiropractic Therapy


Atlanta Sports & Injury Center for Rehab doctors aim to assist the body in performing at the highest level possible by providing non-invasive, yet powerful treatments performed by hand.  We recognize that each patient is different, thus care plans and treatment are specific to your personal needs.   As most are certified in physiotherapeutics, ASIC Rehab chiropractors will often incorporate physiotherapy treatment as a part of our comprehensive list of treatment solutions.  These treatments will often involve techniques that stretch, strengthen and restore the body to its most desirable state, as well as the use of adjunctive therapies.




Is it Safe to Go To a Chiropractor?


Chiropractors have historically paid one of the lowest amounts for malpractice policies of all doctors.  Malpractice insurance policies are typically determined by the number of claims or potential issues that a particular field of health care can cause.  Chiropractic is generally considered a safe profession, as practicing chiropractors are required to maintain licensure by the state, after completing a four-year postgraduate educational program, followed by a series of exams to measure skill and competency.  Doctors of chiropractic are then required to complete annual courses in continuing education which allows them to stay abreast of new developments in the field and be aware of the best way to safely and effectively treat their patients.  



why go to a chiropractor?


Many people immediately associate car accidents, injuries or back pain relief when they think of chiropractic.  This is true, but there are many other reasons to go to a chiropractor.  As people gain a better understanding and desire to live a life of "wellness" they are choosing chiropractic as a form of maintenance care.  Most sports teams utilize a staff chiropractor, including top collegiate athletic programs.  Their goal is for athletes to stay healthy, fully functioning and able to respond to the demands of a highly active lifestyle.   Regular exposure to physical (dings and twinges) and mental demands of any person's daily lifestyle can result in tension, stress, and discomforts that can oftentimes be relieved by regular chiropractic treatment.   



Is a Chiropractor Really a Doctor?


Yes!  Chiropractors are doctors.  Most confusion on this topic comes from the assumption that chiropractors are medical doctors, which they are not.  While medical doctors carry the title "M.D." which stands for medical doctors, chiropractors carry the title "D.C." which stands for doctor of chiropractic.   Similarly, some dentists have the title D.D.S which stands for Doctors of Dental Surgery.  Each of these professionals has completed a graduate-level curriculum in a particular area of study at a level that earned the title doctor.  This title is a designation denoting attainment of a level of formal education and expertise in a field of study.  




Chiropractic Prices


Chiropractic prices apply to individual services which have fees that are usual and customary for a particular region of the nation, (ie - prices for doctors in Georgia are generally similar).  However, treatment plans can vary based on the nature of your reason for visiting the doctor and the extent of necessary care, which ultimately determines the amount that you will pay.  At ASIC Rehab we understand that rising health insurance deductibles, high copays and at-fault liability claims can put some healthcare options out of reach.  Most insurances cover chiropractic care, and for others we offer convenient low cost monthly payment plans.  A representative from our office would be happy to discuss monthly plans for individuals or families.  Please call our office to learn more.

finding an auto accident chiropractor near me

How to choose the best chiropractor


Many people google the words "chiropractor near me" but may not realize that not every chiropractor in Henry County GA is equal.  Before making your decision, you must understand what it takes to choose the "best chiropractor near me" and more importantly how to avoid the wrong doctors.  In many cases, the name says it all. Family practice, wellness-focused or nutrition specific offices are not going to be your best choices as car accident chiropractors. While they may accept personal injury patients, they do not specialize in it.  This means that your treatment, recovery, and possibly, your settlement may suffer as a result of their inexperience.  Their name tells you exactly where their specialty lies.  If you are searching for a personal injury chiropractor, check out the recommendations below.


Ask these questions:  


  • Does It Offer Emergency Chiropractic?   ASIC Rehab encourages same day treatments for accident cases.  Not only does this get you on the road to recovery before stiffness and muscle aches progress, but seeking immediate care assists your attorney in achieving better settlements if you file a claim.  If you've been injured today, you can be seen today.


  • Is it a Walk In Chiropractor?  ASIC Rehab is a walk in chiropractic clinic that is conveniently located near Piedmont Henry Hospital on Rock Quarry Road.  Our chiropractic office is easily accessible from I-75 and I-675 by any patient searching for a chiropractor McDonough, chiropractor Stockbridge, Eagles Landing chiropractic, or a chiropractor in Henry County Ga.  Our staff is ready to treat you today.


  • What does it mean to be Car Accident Chiropractors?  Simple.  The car accident chiropractors at ASIC Rehab have been treating auto accident victims since 2001.  We administer proper and effective treatment after a car accident and connect you to other professionals as needed, to include making referrals to medical providers or connecting you with personal injury attorneys who have successfully helped previous patients.  We have often been called Auto Injury Specialists due to our experience and success in this area of care.


  • Do I have to travel across town for my appointments?  This is key in finding the "best auto accident chiropractor near me."  While some will have you believe you need to drive to the other side of town for your treatments, this is time-consuming and unnecessary.  ASIC Rehab understands that your time is valuable, and while your recovery is of utmost importance, you should be able to receive care at a location, such as ASIC Rehab's Stockbridge Chiropractic office, that is both convenient and skilled in auto injury recovery.


  • Are they experienced in working with attorneys and have a network of medical specialists to refer to that will gladly accept their patients?  Oftentimes, ASIC Rehab chiropractors will have to refer patients out for treatment in other health care specialties.  Our relationships, typically allow us to request immediate appointments so that you won't have to suffer in pain.  We have also worked with enough attorneys that we know which offices have settled cases to patient satisfaction.  Thus, you benefit from our experience!


If you were recently in an Auto Accident and are still experiencing symptoms click the link below for an appointment with one of our doctors at the best chiropractic clinic in Stockbridge Georgia for auto accident treatment - Atlanta Sports & Injury Center for Rehab (ASIC Rehab).


car accident.jpg

Injured in a Car Accident? Our  Car Accident Injury Chiropractor in Stockbridge Can Help


Physical Therapist

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Our Stockbridge chiropractor may use advanced muscle injury treatments if you've suffered hamstring knots, calf tension, shoulder stiffness or poor recovery after a sports injury.


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