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sports injury


Atlanta Sports & Injury Center for Rehab doctors aim to assist the body in performing at the highest level possible by providing non-invasive, yet powerful treatments performed by hand.  We recognize that each patient is different, thus care plans and treatment are specific to your personal needs.   


First we make the pain disappear.  We do this by taking a hands-on approach in guiding your recovery. Our Stockbridge Chiropractor performs evaluations to help uncover the root cause of your injury and pain.  By offering thorough diagnosis, combined with superior expertise in manual therapy and proven therapeutic treatments, we work to improve the health and quality of life of the patients we serve.  Then we strive for excellence through superior patient satisfaction by educating and training you on necessary changes that will allow you to take proper care of your body on your own. After all, since 2001 our aim is still to educate and motivate you to take a more active and responsible role in restoring and maintaining your own health as well as that of your loved ones. 


Most insurances cover chiropractic care, and for others we offer convenient low cost monthly payment plans.  A representative from our office would be happy to discuss monthly plans for individuals or families.  Please call our office to learn more.



Achilles Tendonitis
Ankle Sprain
Knee Sprain
Low Back Pain
Osgood Schlatter’s Disease
Patella Tendonitis
Plantar Fascitis

Patella Tracking Dysfunction

Runner’s Knee (Patella Tendonitis)

Calf Strain
Groin Pull
Hamstring Injury
Hip Flexor Strain
IT Band Syndrome
Ligament Sprains
Meniscus Injury
Pelvic Imbalance

Rotator Cuff

Shoulder Sprain

Stress Fracture
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome 
Wrist Injury

muscle therapy

Amazing Treatment Options for Deep Tissue Muscle Injuries, Strains, Tears, Pulls, Cramps and Spasms


Chiropractic care can increase range of motion, flexibility, balance, coordination, joint proprioception, body symmetry, agility, reaction times, speed, and kinesthetic awareness - all essential to the serious athlete.

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