Please read what our patients have to say about our care...

"I came to ASIC due to a car accident (neck & back pains).  ASIC has helped me by educating me and treating my conditions.  It has been a wonderful experience.  The doctors and office staff are very welcoming and care about the needs of the patients.  They ask you how you are doing and attend to your discomforts.  The atmosphere is very relaxing and calming.  It really helps when you are in pain and need to take your mind away from that.  I feel I am doing much better"....(Lasonya)

"I was involved in a car accident.  ASIC has helped me recover faster than I thought.  My experience has been wonderful!  Not only the doctors, but everyone here at ASIC has made me comfortable with each visit.  When I come to ASIC I don't feel like I'm visiting the doctor.  I feel like I'm visiting friends.  I will recommend them to everyone I know!"...(Robin)

"I have had pain in my back for years.  As part of active duty military you do a lot of running, jumping, packing, ducking and dodging.  All of these things create wear and tear on the body, especially the back.  I tried just about everything to find relief, but until I started here (ASIC) I only had limited results.  Now I am back to 100% health and no pain.  I would tell anyone who has pain to check out chiropractic care."... (David)

"I was recently in an auto accident.  This resulted in symptoms of back, neck and head pain.  ASIC helped relieve most of my symptoms.  I advise any one of all ages to seek relief of bodily problems through the care of an experienced chiropractor.  Give the care a sincere trial for a period and see for yourself the changes a chiropractor can help with."...(Patient)

"When we started here we were so damaged and with the help of (ASIC) we are feeling much better.  Now we are almost brand new, so I will tell everyone who meet in a car accident to come to ASIC.  They will get better."....(Ricardo)

"I had this problem for a month.  I tried sleeping on my side and that didn't work.  I learned about chiropractic from a collision shop that was fixing my car.  It has interfered with my life a lot.  I wasn't able to hold or rock my 3 year old daughter.  Now I'm able to be more active with both of my kids.  I would recommend chiropractic care because there are internal things that may be wrong, that you can't physically see, but your chiropractor can help you with."...(Saadia)

"My son and I were in a car accident.  The impact from the accident caused my son to have headaches, and it caused me to have spasms in my back.  I'm a vocalist so I'm on my feet in front of the microphone for long periods of time.  The care accident put a damper on my schedule becasue of the pain.  Luckily, I was referred to ASIC and their treatment has helped realign my back.  I will definitely recommend them to others."...(Grenique)

"I was in a car accident on Nov 16th.  Before the accident I was having pain in my arm and shoulder.  I was referred to ASIC after the accident.  While coming, my body was in so much pain.  My life has changed.  Since I have been coming my body is so much better, and I have learned so much about taking care of my body.  I give so much thanks to ASIC."... (Frances)

"I went into ASIC as a worker's compensation visit.    My shoulder had been hurting for a while, making sleeping uncomfortable.  Plus, I was unable to lift my arm.  The doctor adjusted my left shoulder and the rest of my body.  When I feel out of line, I go to my chiropractor."... (Tommika)

"My lower back and knee had been hurting since the day after the accident.  I've tried to sleep different ways but couldn't get comfortable.  Shortly after, I had to see the chiropractor for relief.  I'm a barber so it's hard to cut hair with back issues.  I had to work less, which put me under stress to pay bills.  Treatment here is good, my days and nights are better than they were thanks to their help."...(Clayton)

"After my car wreck I had severe pain on my left side;  Since I've been coming to ASIC my pain has been going away!  I would recommend chiropractic care because when I went to the hospital they told me I was just sore and that there was nothing wrong with me.  After taking x-rays and coming to ASIC, I discovered the problem and they have made me better."...(Mark)

"I have been having this problem for a month.  Trying to bend, reach, turn my neck, standing too long.  I has affected my life, mostly my daily routine and activities.  My life is changing gradually through the care I am getting at ASIC Rehab.  I will recommend chiropractic care to family and others after seeing my results."...(Omotobi)

"I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and was in a plethora of pain.  I tried pain killers, but they were not giving any results.  I was referred to ASIC where I am currently receiving treatment.  During my second week, I was already beginning to feel better.  The doctor is very good at diagnosing the problem and taking actions against it.  If you are in a similar position as myself, I strongly recommend that you pay them a visit."....(Shannon)

"This chiropractic service that (ASIC Rehab) provides is the best I have witnessed in a long time.  The doctor is very knowledgeable in what they do.  The staff is very polite and makes an effort to help in any way they can.  I will use them again if I have more problems."....(Heidi)

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