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15 Minute Targeted Area  $20

30 Minute Massage          $39

1 Hour Massage               $59


(Two - 30min massages/mo $39)

*Services Performed by a Licensed Massage Therapist

Optimize Speed & Agility
Youth Athletes Injuries
Dancers Suffer Injuries

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Professional and collegiate athlete’s know the benefits of sports massage, and now amateur and youth athletes are are enjoying the same advantages.  Massage improves muscle flexibility and range of motion, resulting in improved Power and Performance. Today's athletes are searching for an edge that can help them train more effectively, perform better and overcome injuries quickly. Whether you're a Weekend Warrior who wants to maintain or improve an active healthy lifestyle or a Youth Athlete, everyone is training harder and dedicating more time to becoming tomorrow’s champions.  

Atlanta Sports & Injury Center for Rehab understands that by working harder to perform at higher levels, there has been a significant increase in serious injuries.  If you participate in a sport regularly you are at risk for repetitive strain injuries that can result in myofascial pain syndrome and trigger point formation. Regular massage is the best way to treat fascia and eliminate trigger points. Beginning a regular sports massage regimen will not only enhance performance but can greatly reduce the chance of injury. 

Muscle Stripping Massage

How you feel matters.

  • Reduce soreness and pain
  • Improve mobility
  • Heal and recover faster
  • Perform better
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Prepare for peak performance or come to rejuvenate taut and tender muscles.  Atlanta Sports and Injury Center 

serves massage clients of all ages and walks of life.  We will help you relax, or keep you moving and having fun!


Releif Massage Therapy

Massage BEFORE a Competition (allow 2-3 days before event)

Helps pump oxygenated blood to the muscles to get them warmed up for peak performance

Massage AFTER a Competition  (within 72 hours following event)

Reduces muscle spasm and prevents muscle splinting which can result in stiff muscles
Massage therapy can help you find relief from the following conditions, to name a few:
  • Running Injuries - IT Band, Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis
  • Baseball/Tennis Injuries - Rotator Cuff, Shoulder Instability/Impingement, Wrist Pain
  • Football/ Soccer Players - Hamstring Strain, Groin Strain, Hips
  • Dancers - Low Back Stiffness, Lower Trunk Injuries , Tight Hip Flexors

Therapeutic sports massage is not a luxury for developing athletes; it's a necessity.  Give your star athlete’s the attention they deserve!  Schedule a massage at our Atlanta Sports and Injury Center for Rehab office today.  Call (770) 909-0590.